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Unsure if you own a rank/kit?

If you’ve been away from our servers for a little bit and unsure if you own a kit/rank, then please message our staff team with your Minecraft/Steam username and our staff will check to logs for you. Please do this via our forums and not our Discord servers


If you’re not happy with one of our digital products from the Kinetic Network or its partners, you can now get a full or partial refund within 7 days of your purchase. To qualify for your refund, you must have paid for your item via one of our official stores and have a reasonable reason […]

Getting Discord ranks

If you’ve paid for an item via our web store that comes with a Discord rank, then please make sure you fill in your name and # number correctly. If the rank is missing, then our Discord server has channels for you to request the rank. Just let our admins know the rank you should […]

Missing items from kits/ranks

If you have received your items from our web store, but you think that items are missing, please do the following: – Check to see if there is a note on the item say that items might be missing – Check to see if an update in the last few days could have removed the […]

Missing kit or rank

If you’ve paid for a kit or rank via our web store and haven’t received it after 10 minutes, please do the following: – Check to see the payment went through. – Make sure the payment went to Kinetic Media Group Limited or Kinetic Network. – Make sure you filled in the correct Discord/Steam Name/Minecraft […]